Cream cheese with chopped pecans in between the layers of the Red velvet sponge cake. It can make 10-12 slices

Imli panna

With a riot of flavours — sweet, tangy, sour and spicy — imli (tamarind) panna can be effective to prevent sun stroke as it maintains electrolyte
balance in the body.

Crisp Green Salad

No meal is complete for me without a big helping of something green. This fresh, crunchy salad is a great way of cleansing your palate between helpings of bouillabaisse.


La Dijonaise’s take on this classic French comfort food sandwich is rich béchamel sauce and ham between two slices of pullman bread, topped with cheese that’s melted to gooey perfection. On top of that goes a fried egg (this is what distinguishes the “madame” from the “monsieur”). Yes, it’s unapologetic goodness on a plate.