Scalloped Potatoes

Every year in our house we have the same arguments when it comes to scalloped potatoes: cheese or no cheese? Scalloped potatoes vs. potatoes au gratin? Is there a difference? Is there a “right” way to make them? And yet, we still don’t have a definitive answer. So, as much as we are cheese lovers at heart and since the internet provides conflicting answers as to what traditional scalloped potatoes include – we are declaring this recipe (without cheese) scalloped potatoes because it is a family favorite year after year!

Bacon & Chive Frittata

One thing we love to do is prep a healthy breakfast to have on hand for quick mornings during the week! Frittatas are frequently one of those items because they’re healthy, packed with protein, and an easy way to get your veggies in first thing in the morning! This frittata is super flavorful, and has the best of both worlds – bacon and spinach! We believe it’s all about balance and that a little bit of bacon is always welcomed. This would be a wonderful, quick and easy weekend brunch to make for your family as well!

Bacon & Chive Fritta