Chicken, Kale & Sweet Potato Stew

Stew is perfect for a cold, winter night! It’s getting dark so early now that winter is fully here, snow and all. We absolutely love coming home from work knowing dinner has been cooking all day in the slow cooker. This Chicken, Kale & Sweet Potato Stew is easy to throw together in the morning …

Apple & Kale Breakfast Sausage Patties

Making your own breakfast sausage is much easier than it seems. We love that you can control the ingredients, and add something green to start the day off on the right foot.  

Healthier Freezer Egg Sandwich

We love a tasty and hot savory breakfast. And while we never miss a breakfast, there’s always a big question mark on when to squeeze in a few minutes of time to cook up something delicious. These freezer breakfast sandwiches are the perfect solution. You can pack one up in your lunchbox to eat at …

Healthy Baked Breakfast Oatmeal

Baking oatmeal is a wonderful way to switch things up and have a perfectly prepped healthy breakfast. It can be made at the beginning of the week and enjoyed for the rest of it!