Cherry Chocolate Oatmeal Energy Cookies

These Cherry Chocolate Oatmeal Energy Cookies will give you a pep in your step while satisfying that chocolate craving. 

Pecan Date Snack Balls

It seems like almonds and cashews get all of the attention but not after you take a bite out of one of these Pecan Date Snack Balls! They’re the perfect little mid-day treat. 

Turkey Hummus Roll Ups

These turkey and hummus roll-ups are the perfect snack and can easily be customized to your preferences. We always find ourselves reaching for a healthy treat mid-afternoon to make it through the slump between lunch and dinner. Loaded with veggies and protein, they’re also easy to pack and eat on the go.

Cucumber and Ham Snack Sandwiches

Cucumber and Ham Snack Sandwiches make a refreshing and protein-packed snack that will keep the hunger at bay for any busy bee.